1:1 Coaching

I offer two 1:1 coaching programmes which you can choose from based on your goals, preferences and lifestyle. They each offer a slightly different focus and delivery style, but both will give you support, motivation, accountability and confidence, alongside a truly bespoke, progressive and lasting fitness programme which suits your body, energises your mind and easily slots in to your life!


This is for you if you’re looking for a bespoke 1:1 Personal Training package designed to fire up your fitness, strength, motivation, consistency AND your confidence in the gym.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to anything in life, including exercise. We all have different body types, metabolisms, lifestyles and motivations which all respond better to one type of programme over another. I’m a big believer that there is something for everyone in the fitness world – you just need to find your thing. And TRAIN will help you to do just that.

Together, we will develop a programme which is unique to you. One which gives you the opportunity to explore different training styles; one which is challenging, progressive and focused on your goals; one which you actually enjoy! and one which guides you through the seemingly endless do’s and don’ts of the fitness world, jam-packed with support to get you feeling confident in the gym. You’ll feel stronger, more empowered and more resilient, mentally as well as physically!

I have a limited number of TRAIN places available so I offer a free consultation to answer any questions, explain the programme in more detail and we can explore together if this is right for you.

Sophie walking on path
Sophie Pearce on steps


This is for you if you’re feeling drained by your current lifestyle, stuck in a rut and ready to shake up your whole routine!

RESET is a 12-week fitness and wellness programme which will help you to overhaul your lifestyle and create a new routine which energises you, rather than drains you. It takes all of the PT that’s packed into TRAIN and adds coaching on nutrition, recovery, stress-reduction, breathwork and much, much more to create the ultimate reset button for your mind, body and soul.

Because the truth is, everything to do with our physical and mental health is so closely linked that a holistic, 360 degree approach is going to get you the biggest, healthiest and most sustainable results.

So this one isn’t just about the fitness. It’s a gradual lifestyle shift which will help you to identify and address imbalances in your lifestyle, move more, eat better, boost your mood, up your energy levels, improve your sleep and reset your mind to ignite a fitter, stronger, healthier and happier you!

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I also offer two signature fitness boosts. Find out more about these here.