Prepping your mind and body for exercise

When it comes to fitness and exercise, the time you spend sweating it out in the gym tends to get all the credit for the results you see and feel. But the truth is, the way you treat your mind and body before and after your workouts is going to have a big impact on...

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Common mindset barriers to exercise

"The only thing holding you back is the belief that something is holding you back." In my last post, I talked about the huge array of mental and physical health benefits which exercise can offer you. But to get to that stage and reap all of these rewards, we first...

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Back to Basics

Welcome to my blog! If you're stuck in an exercise rut, lacking in motivation and finding yourself back at square one again after starting yet another diet or fitness fad which promised to be the one for you but actually ended up zapping all the energy/enjoyment/fun...

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